Dear Prospective Readers,

Thanks for dropping by this page for the first official blog entry of the ADvant. I’m very pleased to release this blog for the public starting today. the ADvant will be devoted to reviewing current advertisements for today’s consumers and looking at the pros and cons of certain campaigns.

Some might question the reason for starting this blog – the purpose of this blog is to merely inform and evaluate the business of “advertainment” with the mindset of an account executive. There will be weekly entries on companies that I have either liked or thought needed a slight change in their advertising techniques. Additionally, there will be interesting advertising and PR news that will be updated regularly throughout  the week.

With some humor and wit, I have decided to make the ADvant my home, a place where I can put down my thoughts and opinions on today’s advertising world. As consumers, we have the final say in what we choose to buy or invest our time. With that being said, the ADvertising ADvantage means we are the true and final judges of what advertisements mean to us. Who knows, you might just learn something – and with that, “Knowledge is power.”

*All opinions and thoughts are strictly of the individual. We live in a free country, feel free to disagree.