Home of the Longhorns and the burnt orange.

If you don’t live in Texas, you have at least heard of the school from their Rose Bowl games. And if you do live in Texas, how could you have not heard of the 40 acres of splendid Austin fever? Keep it weird.

I have always been a Longhorn fan, whether it may be the football fanatic inside of me or my love to wear burnt orange clothing. No, just kidding on the latter. I was seriously considering to go to the University of Texas-Austin for my graduate years because I was that die-hard to attend that university. (What a shame to realize it after I’ve moved to different cities.)

If you haven’t guess already, I will use UT (as referred to the native Texans) as a case example of brand development. After doing some research on the university, I wanted to investigate further on the iconic brand color.

The burnt orange.

Why this works. 

Not only is this color recognizable to everyone in Texas (unless you live under a rock), it is also distinctive. The story of the color’s origin is somewhat misconstrued. Some have said it was due to ribbons at a baseball game, others have claimed that the darker shade of orange game to be because it was easier to clean the football uniforms. All that is debatable.

The burnt color works as an advertising tool because its one-of-a-kind color will always represent UT. Additionally throwing the longhorn logo into the mix, there is no doubt that one would be referring to the university. Football is one of the most important sports in America, and so is college football for the young adults. The advertising technique that young adults contribute to is what they wear. A burnt orange t-shirt could mean nothing to you when you wear it, but to other people it is considered brand recognition. This type of brand development takes years and years to build starting from the 1880s, when the university was first established. This kind of tradition is (unsurprisingly) found in the state of Texas. With the color established about a century ago, the brand image gets stronger as the years pass. The loyalty of the alumni and the current students will make this brand more recognizable when students travel within the country and throughout the world. With a campus of 50,000+ students and approximately 8,000 student graduating in 2012, this university and brand will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. As the UT population expands, so will its brand image.