Disney Says No to Junk Food

Walt Disney & Co. is starting to implement a healthier plan for little kids. The company will be restricting junk-food advertisements during its TV and radio shows and on their websites. This might have been another move by the self-conscious (no pun intended) media to improve kids’ eating habits. The city of New York has recently proposed a ban on sodas and any other large sugary drinks. (Bye bye Coca-Cola in NYC.) Disney is planning on putting a “Mickey Check” tool, “an icon that marketers can use in packaging for qualifying food and menu items” (Poggi). There’s goes more brand recognition for the kids.

Even though promoting kids’ health by restricting junk-food advertisements should help, it is only half the problem. Kids are still not getting enough exercise if they are sitting in front of the TV watching Disney. The obesity problem in America will continue if kids do not have enough physical activities, and by banning the commercials will only have minimal effect on the kids’ waist line.