Facebook has had a bit of a backlash lately with its impending lawsuit IPO dipping and Zuckerberg taking some time off for his honeymoon. There’s been several articles about how Facebook is becoming boring for many users. Facebook users are fickle, and in general many people are in this world. So it’s not really a surprise that Facebook will end its reign sooner or later.

According to the Yahoo! article, “a Reuters/Ipsos poll counted 34% of its users slacking off, compared with six months ago.”

Like remember the old days of MySpace? Will Facebook be obsolete in 2020, as one analyst has predicted?

I have a theory about why people are not using Facebook as much as they did, and it’s not because of the Timeline change or that your grandmother might have one. My theory about the diminishing Facebook usage comes from the constant status updates and the pictures and articles trending. People have had enough of the old stuff and want new stuff. But then again, when Facebook introduces a new idea like the Timeline and Sidebar Ticker – we choose to not accept it and move on. So it’s a lose-lose situation for Facebook, literally.

Do you always have one of your friends think that Facebook is Twitter, where there is a constant feed of what they are doing? Honestly, no one really cares that much about you trying to figure out what to eat for dinner or what show you are watching right now.

Additionally, another analysis about Facebook would be its manipulative nature to make people think everyone is living in a perfect world…except for you. Not sure if it’s the whole focus on the “glass half full” concept, but it makes people re-examine their lives. It’s only human for people to naturally post happy moments in their lives.

The monotonous status updates from the same friends are sure to bore you. So people are moving on to better, exciting things. Facebook was once a tool to cure the boredom in our daily lives as we check out what our friends are up to, but soon after you see that nothing has changed much – people move on.