NBA finals started tonight with the Oklahoma City Thunder taking the win. (I wasn’t aware that Durant played for Texas…) But on another note, I was noticing the advertising spots during the commercial break. There are plenty of sponsorships when it comes to sport championships because there is a certain target audience marketers are trying to reach out to through the television set. The television still remains the most important medium for a wide range of people. That kind of resource needs to be exploited to its maximum potential.

So how much does a commercial spot cost during the NBA finals?

Answer: 1-minute spots run for $1 million; 30-second run for about $500,000 (Well that seems fair enough.)

Opposed to Super Bowl commercials (30-second) that run for $3.5 million, NBA Final commercials seem like a bargain. Another reason why there is a natural spike in prices is probably because there is always hype around the Super Bowl, that one epic night of football. The basketball finals run for about 5 nights, and the promotion of the product wears off if it is shown for all those 5 games. But then again, it might be subconsciously engrained into your brain because you’ve seen it 5 times.

That is probably the reason why advertisers opt for sponsorships during the game. For instance, during the halftime show, we see the Statefarm logo in front of the desk where the commentators talk about the first half of the game. Not to mention, the orange Gatorade logos at the sideline benches during the post-season games.

Brand recognition and product placement are integrated everywhere we go, and that’s the beauty of advertising/marketing.

So who will win the NBA Finals this season? Is it finally the redemption time for the Heat or is it going to be a clean sweep for the Thunder?