Proctor & Gamble’s “Team Mom” ads have gone viral – if you haven’t seen it yourself, watch it below:

So we’ve all seen Michael Phelp’s mom on the sideline watching her son swim anxiously down the swimming pool, right? Heck, she’s even been in a commercial. I am very glad that P&G decided to use this angle for their new commercials. From what I have seen, people have enjoyed this ad immensely – maybe it doesn’t sell their products, but it creates the awareness of their large corporation.

Let me tell you a little bit about P&G. According to Ogilvy’s book, “they spend $700,000,000 a year on advertising, more than any other company, and their sales are $12,000,000,000 a year.” (Ogilvy 155) That is a lot of zeros. Most importantly, they use market research to identify consumer needs. Also, they typically have more than one brand in a category and “allow each brand to compete with its sibling.” (Ogilvy 155)

This multinational manufacturer of household products produce their ads with consistency – and that’s the reason why they sell so many products. But this ad, especially targeting the Olympic audience, was made especially for emotional appeal. Even if it doesn’t make their products fly off the shelves, people have already been talking about it on the web. Generating talk means bringing awareness. Bring awareness leads to building that oh-so-great brand loyalty.

So who buys the P&G products in the household? Ten bucks on the mother. And who do we target in household product advertisements? Mothers. The equation is simple. Thus, who do we add in the commercials to grab the mothers’ attention and provoke the emotional appeal? Kids.

Kids make the woman we call mom, “mother”. Without the kids, she’d only be the woman who lives with you. “To their moms, they’ll always be kids.” – Simple message, gets to the heart. I applaud P&G. Very well done.