So we all heard about the baby that was named Hashtag? Well, here he is for your viewing pleasure.


Hashtag wasn’t even a word a few years ago, and now a couple decided it was a good idea to name their kid after Twitter lingo and/or symbolize their kid’s name with a number sign “#”.

Another hashtag breakthrough occurred today.

Brazil’s largest satellite provide, Sky, rolled out this service to customers today. Working with their digital agency in Brazil called AgenciaClick Isobar creates a Twitter hashtag that acts as a record button, if you forget to record a show.

Customers link their Twitter accounts to their Sky subscriber numbers. Next , when customers see @skybrasil tweets stating what shows they want to record, they will retweet and add the hashtag #skyrec. This is when the magic happens and Sky connects with the subscriber’s DVR and starts recording.

This sounds too good to be true. Can we really merge TV recordings with just a hashtag? But this is an innovative idea though, despite the marketing team might have a lot of work cut out for them. They would need to expand their small audience base (about 81K followers) and reach out to more people and most importantly prove that this service will work. Sky subscribers will be more active on Twitter if this digital service follows through, which will spark more Twitter buzz in Brazil. Maybe it will be really convenient for people to record shows just by “hashtagging” and not manually setting their DVRs. Oh, the inconvenience.