All the Rage: Tumblr…Tumble No More


According to Wikipedia, Tumblr is a “microblogging platform and social networking website”. I believe I joined the site last year in 2011, but I hardly ever blogged much on the website. I mainly kept one because I was checking up on how my friends were doing. But tonight, I felt the need to delete my personal account.

One criticism I have for Tumblr is the fact that it’s too “scattered.” (Yes, this is a personal opinion.) I’m using the term “scattered” for the lack of a better term. I compare WordPress to Tumblr the same way I would compare MySpace to Facebook. It’s not as clean-cut as WordPress, and most people prefer simplicity. Your “friends” or “followers” are trying to get to know the main points about you, not the numerous GIFs you post (even though some are funny and entertaining). Let’s not even get into the backgrounds you can choose. But Tumblr does offer users an opportunity for creativity, which is not a terrible thing.

To paraphrase Ogilvy, simplicity sells.

Consumers are just looking for the main facts and the nitty-gritty; we do not need all that “fluff”.

Sorry, Fluffy – you’re not going to cut it in the advertising world, says Ogilvy in so many words.

As of February 2012, there is an estimated 46.2 million blogs on Tumblr, so yes – it’s all the rage for the kids these days. All the reblogging and the GIF posting behind a computer screen is some sort of entertainment. As much as Tumblr is not my preferred type of social networking platform, theADvant tumblr is still activated and will be updated just like this blog.

Happy blogging everyone!


All the Rage: Tupac at Coachella

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And up next….we have TUPAC SHAKUR?!?!?!?

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All the Rage: Tupac at Coachella – Upcoming Tour?

Seemed like an April Fool’s joke…3 weeks late.

But the audience were in shock when they saw Tupac at Coachella this weekend. For a millisecond, I had questioned myself if he had died. Well, of course he did, but there are conspiracy theories from other people that say otherwise. People, such as Dr. Dre and other rappers, are talking about an upcoming tour to follow his “rise from the dead act” this weekend – How would advertisers market this phenomenon?